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Related post: Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004 10:37:35 EST From: Subject: Quarry Hole. Chapter 3Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys. The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one another. Please write: I would love to hear if you like my story. Quarry Hole. Chapter 3. The only one of the others not weirded out to now, was Mark, who after getting the demonstration, took after Paulie, who he shocked with how fast he wheeled around on him and had him on his back. He burrowed in on Paulie's buttcrack and spit a couple goobers right in there and worked the slobber like free bbs teen porn he'd seen Kurt work Shue. Paul didn't whine like Shuey though, but went into this herky jerky, "Uhuh, uh, huhuh, nghuhuh," and they were all stilled when they heard the unmistakable, "Ohyeh, ohhh yeahhh!!" when Mark had worked his second finger in and was pumping him some boyhole. The kids were all amazed. They'd created them two cunt before their very eyes, outta buds they'd shared sandboxes and team sports with....and campouts and sleepovers.... all their lives. Well, Mark didn't waste any time with the mouth 'fuck slick' routine, and instead spit-sopped his hand and palmed his meat, just as Kurt sank his prod through Shuey's outer ring......"Aiiiiieeeeeeeeohhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Noooooo! Oh.... hurts.....ohhhhh, pleeeeeeze...." Kurt bottomed. He looked down into the face of his boy prize, and without pulling out, just body rammed, and, "UHHHHHNNGGHH! Huh..oh, uh, mmmmm, uh." Kurt waited....and waited. Mark, who was diddlin' Paulie's bud with his leaking cockhead, watched intently, every move Kurt made....and when Kurt eased out slowly for the first pump, Mark confidently went about stuffin' his own little turkey..... Well....this is about where we came in, almost an hour while the boys are already up for some wild funs, we can wonder where this awakening is going to take our 7 young dudes these next hours, and days....comeon back'n see us now hear?Quarry Hole. Chapter 3. So here we are. Scott and Jerry poundin' buddy pussy. A now recovered Kurt and Mark kneeing over Shuey and Paul, respectively, sitting on their chests, giving them their second course of cock. Joey was crazed waiting for his turn. Mannnnn, ever' one of his buds was either stuffin' somethin' or being stuffed...and HE was just, holding 'is fuckin' own...for what seemed for-EVER! He was ready to pole-vault on that wild dong of his. Finally teen board bbs he saw Jerry start to short stroke and knew it wouldn't be long for his chance to dunk his dick. dark lola sunbbs He crawled up kds bbs pic right next to Paulie's upturned tail, and watched as Jerry got his last surges through those quivering, in and out gripping asslips. He was caught up in the fascinating site of his buddy's inner butt skin pulled out and wrapped 'round that meaty morsel as it outstroked, that then tucked back in when Jerry drove his jammer back in. Ooooh, and sometimes, Jerry would pull out too far, and hang bbs kids teenes gallery up, bunching his cockmeat back at him, sorta in a ball of flesh, thennnnn, he'd fix the aim, and the whole beautiful, meaty young pussy elwebbs plug would unwind, and just o-o-o-z-z-e through that ring of fire. Omigod. hc incest bbs top Oh my godddd!!! Joey's tongue was hanging out his mouth, his heart was pumpin' out his chest and he was whipping his poor wankshaft like mad. He just knew he couldn't hold out and was sooooo cp chill bbs pics crazy, and and and....."Ahhhhhhhhhhh, take it you fuckin' fag! A'yeah! Ohboyhuhhhh, ungh uh, ungh huhuh!" Jerry bbs list sven was screaming his lungs college girls bbs out echoing all around the quarry. His blowoff was so sudden, and yowling, that Joey actually got scared for a second, and thankfully, for him, he stopped pulling off, bbs teenie porn video and might have saved him a chance to feel that moist Paulie pussy with elwebbs biz bbs a still hard boy prick. Joey's cock was bobbin' at half-hard, and a long string of ooooze wa s hanging almost to the rock ledge, as he waited....totally awed by Jerry's fiery fuck finish. He watched Jerry pull out all the way, then longcock his buddyhole one last time evoking an, "Ooouuurumphhh!" from Paulie, whose legs kicked up like reflex jerks, his toes splayed out like a Chinese fan....then, Jerry just went quiet. Slowly, with ls photo bbs the lack of movement, the most patient, if not awed, Joey, raised his head to look up at Jerry. The kid had this big smile on his sweat streaked, red-flushed face.....and he reached out and took Joey's hand and yanked him ls models board bbs right to him, bbs forum pic young and as he slipped his butt-slimey, cum-slicked prick from Paulie's bung, he pushed Joey up against Paulie, and actually got down on his hands and knees and took his buddy's cock in trembling, afterfuck fingers and guided it right through those swollen, leaking boycuntlips till his hand flattened between Joey's pubes and Paulie's board teen bbs tail. As he staggered up to his feet with that knowing, sated smile, 13 yo naked bbs he wiped the slime-gooey hand on the bottom of Paul's upturned foot. Mannnnn.....! "Eeeeeeennnnghhhhhh!" whined Joey. The feel of soft glove boy pussy, sopped with buddy cum oozing out 'round his prick, down his balls and into his pubes....had Joey's head spinning. The boy was delirious as he broke into a wild toyboy hole bangin' that had Paulie grunting in a steady stream as he took a fiercely, uncontrolled pounding. Joey's pent up fuck frenzy, built from watching four boys pound through his buds this afternoon had him dizzy with desire, lust, fire....and omigodddd he needed off so bad.....sooooobadddd! forum bbs sex Meanwhile, Mark was getting ready to get his turn in Shuey....Kurt was watching the frenetic rut-a-fuck over at Paulie's tail, and knew it wouldn't be long before he got his serving of Paulie pussy. young xxx forum bbs Joey's near hysterical fuck, now had Paulie over on his neck practically eating his own feet as Joey drove his jammyjizz through his boyhole. Gassed, he slumped through the boy's legs and actually kissed the sweaty li'l fucker underneath him. Watching Joey's butt cheeks were a site to see, as they flexed and rounded, and flexed again as the convulsing continued while the spasms pumped the last cum dregs into Paul. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mannnnnnn, FUCK......YOU, dude!!!!" Joey yelled into Paulie's face, "FUCK YOU!" as Kurt was pulling him out of the kid. Kurt was more of stud than the rest of the boys, and also was a good fighter. Nobody messed with him. young teen video bbs He had strongs he hadn't asian bbs biz gallery tried out yet. Effortlessly, he tossed Joey aside, and reached for one of Paulie's wrists....yanking him up to his feet, shoving him over to where Jerry was just finishing off cp bbs board porno in Shuey. He positioned Paulie with his bare feet straddling Shue's head, then pushed down on his shoulders, guiding the boy to a seat on Shuey's face. Just before he smothered Shuey with his cum slopped asshole, Kurt growled to Shuey, "Eat that buddybung, faggot, like you never ate anything before. And 'member, I'll know you doin' it right, when I see 'dis queer's eyes roll back in his head asseater!" With free xxx password bbs that, he let Paulie sink his droozing tailhole onto Shuey's lips and tongue. "Ohhhhhhhhh," Paulie moaned...."it feels, uh, nnngh, ohgod, boys bbs portal ohgod, ohhhhhh nooooooo, it feels so, ahhhhhhhggghhhhh!" Shuey's palms held his bud up so he could work his mouth and tongue, in and around that slop which was Paulie's cum-filled hole. Geez, it was somethin' to see...well, hear. "Ssshlurppp, shhmulk, scmurp!" Shuey was smothered in gooey butt so fast he didn't have a chance to get sick and puke over the thought. That he had already had several servings of boy cum down his throat probably had numbed him to the whole scene....not to bbs paradise nn mention the scintillating bbs jp girl asshole pummeling he was still getting from Jerry. When the rimjob was in full suck, Kurt sat back against a wall of rock facing the boys, and spread his legs with his knees bent and feet to the ground. He knew Shuey's tongue had made it's way all the way inside Paulie bbs top kds portal cunt when the kid shuddered, closed his eyes and jerked his head back. He waited a few minutes, leaning down to get a look at Shue underneath with his face moving side to side, lol bbs photos and his chin jutting up and back. Then, he smiled, and said, "Enough! Get yer slick-sucked ass over here on this buddy pleaser of yours, fucker!" With strain showing on his screwed up face, and with a sense of loss, Paulie worked his butt off Shue's sucking tongue, and managed to stagger his way to Kurt naturist teen bbs who was wagging his pole of joy at him. "Saddle up, cowboy!" With that boyhole empty, and wide open, he had no trouble taking Kurt's super-sized prick and bottoming into the kid's curlies. Kurt put his hands behind his own head, and hunched up once, bumping Paul svens board bbs cp up while driving his prick even young bbs pics further up Paul's chute. "Happy my hog, dude. Ride you like a pony, pussyboy." Shamed, Paul looked down, but started to push with his hands which were forward, and positioned to Kurt's sides. As he began to get some kind of a routine, or rhythm, Kurt would occasionally hump up to meet him. The kid's toes splayed and stiffed up off the ground as he rocked and bounced on his heels and butt. Kurt's thicker pud gave Paulie new inner surges of heat, fever and electricity as he worked himself ever faster over his buddy's peter. Kurt broke into a knowing smile when he saw Paul's tongue slip from his mouth, and watched the boy breathing hard through his bbs magazine nude child mouth as well as his nose. Glistening, sweat soaked skin shimmered in the sunlight. Drops of sweat fell from Paulie's hair, brows, nose and ears. "Ummmmmmmmm," was all we heard from Kurt as he shot his third load in an hour, this long porn movies bbs time, up Paulie's chute. Lost in all this, but not forgotten was Scott's glorious finish up with Shuey while the boy ate out his fellow fuckbuddy before. "Scream it you fuck! I wanna hear it...LOUDER!" Scott screamed as he reached near the end of his wild fuckapump. "I love Scottie cock...I love Scottie cock...I love Scottie cock!" the kid howled over and over, to Scott's bbs child model forum obvious joy, nn bbsforum and the boy's screams made Scottie pump harder and faster and and and, he cummmed his load so deep up that toybox he was buried in. He humped, and spasmed, and quaked, and shivered, and then would hump deep and hard again, with the same result, til finally, Mark had waited long enough, and was pulling his exhausted buddy out of his velvet cock sleeve. Mark waled on Shuey's ass til the boy screamed and started crying. bbs model nude photos Then he turned him over and got him up on his knees and hands, marvelled at the spooge running out of his butt and down his balls and thighs. Without even a thought, he sunk his meat balls deep into Shuey's young hole. The cum bubbled up over the top of Mark's cockslab and child bbs model video puddled there bringing a big smile to his face. He turned to watch Jerry taking Paulie's arm and raising him up and away from Kurt. Paul, like Shue, was bbs forum cgi nude really numbed from all that had happened, and by now wasn't even coherent. Their lips and jaws were sore, there butts, while numbed, were pulsing from the frenzied boycock fuck friction they'd taken....and...need. ls island bbs models Mark called over to Jerry, and said, "Bring queerboy over here. Check it out." Jerry pushed Paul to stumbling ahead of him, and over to where Mark sexy top list bbs was dogfuckin' Shuey. "Sup, Mark?" Pointing at the entrance to his treasure hole and the goop vombat bbs sites puddled on the top of his prick, he said, "Get dickears there, to suck up that slop bbs tight jeans fum my dick, and lick a bit round his fag buddy's li'l tunnel." Jerry just pushed behind Paulie's head and neck, and Paul started to look back. Jerry gripped his face by both cheeks and pushed his mouth right into the tgp bbs 12 16 pumping boyprick, and yelled, "Suck, fucker!" Paulie's lips smothered the jizz puddle on Mark's cock. Mark shivered from the fabulous sensation and then Jerry worked Paulie-face all around the swelled pussy lips as both he and Mark, hollered at him, "Lick 'round dat dick, boy. Lemme feel some tongue. Lemme see that tongue," they yelled alternately. When Mark looked to Jerry, smiled and nodded his satisfaction, Jerry told Paulie to get under Shuey on his back, and wait for instructions. As Paul wig-wagged his way underneath his longtime bud, he lay his head to ground, and looking up, he got the picture. Directly above him, was Shuey's leaking boy cock, jutting back and forth with each fuck surge of Mark behind him. Without any fanfare, Jerry just pulled up Paul's legs, eyed the oozing cunt, preeteen model bbs links and shot his dick right through with and "Uuuuumpphhhh," from Paulie underneath Shuey. With a hump a bang and a fuck, Jerry was in full rut, and then looking underneath Shuey, he ordered, "Listen up, you fags. You, dorkboy, you got a cock staring up atchu, dude, get on it!" he yelled into Shuey's ear, to get suckin' on Paulie's meat. As Shue slowly dropped his head to tongue his buddy's cock model toplist bbs into his mouth, Jerry hollered similarly child top bbs to Paul, to get suckin' on Shuey's cock. Then he yelled, you guys eat good now, but no cummin'...GOT IT? NO CUMMIN'! Either one cums and yuh get shit knocked out o'yuh!" Mark smiled, and nodded approving of Jerry's wickeds. The rest of the boys watched. Joey and Scott were more than itchy while they watched waiting for turns at rounding out each boy getting a fuck at each fuckhole buddy. Kurt was still sitting against the rock where Paul had boyfucked his own self on Kurt's standing fucktool. They were all tranced by the sounds and herky jerks of a boy blowing cock on all fours, while being driven forward and back from behind, in a steady numbing, rocking to and fro. The other, rocking over and back from underneath with naked toes in the air, ankles in the grip of his boyfucker, sucking a hanging boydick from below. cp bbs sites The bbs messageboard young india boys, almost incest porn bbs all in unison, started moanin', and gruntin', and shortstrokin', and rutfuckin', and .....and all! Kurt howled, "Yayyyyyyyyy!" and applauded, and Scott and Joey started pulling their friends off the selected boycunt. At this point Jerry yelled, "No, man! Dem fuckers cummed! They gonna get it!" In a flash of boy-nakeds, the two bottom boys were surrounded by the others being butt slapped again and again, and the Jerry turned to first one, then the other, of Paul and Shue, and forward and backhanded their faces 3, for 5 times, then the other. The kids were face-numbed and shocked by the fury of it all, and their heads were just ragdollin' from side to side from the whippin'. "When I nude pre pre bbs says no cumming, fuckers....there's no-SLAP!-goddam-SLAP!-cummin!" SMACK! SMACK! Punishment over, Jerry stood blowing on his smoking hand, smiling with an approving smile from Kurt. Joey got behind Shuey and pulled him from around his waist, bbs picture to standing, while Scott, pushed Paulie's legs back even further, and sunk his bbs ls mag prick bbs sex pictures elwebbs teens right through the cumgoo, and bottomed, with an "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, mannnnn, glo-reeeeeeeeeee!" dark lolta bbs Joey tugged on Shuey and imageboard 9 teen bbs they went backward into the water. Kurt got up to see this. Standing up waist high in the clear water, Joey shoved Shue's head under and his mouth on his cock, and humped into him a few times. The air bubbles made the others laugh. Gasping, Shuey came up for air, and Joey pushed him back toward the rocks where the water would be about half way up their thighs. young teen porn bbs Joey pushed Shuey over and said, "Float, faggot!" Shuey laid back into a float, and when his arms reached back he was touching the rocks, and held on. Joey spread his legs and rammed home into submerged boy pussy. Kurt and Joey laughed again forum bbs board sandra with the bub bles bursting at the surface from the opening boypussy being filled with a hard toyhog. "Bwurrrr-uupp!" was the sound from the cock-sertion, and bubbles bursting. Super! Oh, man. Love it! They looked up and Kurt turned when Scott howled his cum shot into Paulie, and the saw Paulie's legs and feet kicking back and forth, with Scottie, squealing, rocking and rutting, into that pretty boy's hole. bbs teen models lol As Shue crawled out naked angels bbs of the water, and Joey climbed out, Kurt offering a hand to bbs girl ls magazine both, Mark, Jerry, Paulie, and Kurt dove in for a quick swim and to wash the fuck off them. Soon they were all drying on their backs in the late afternoon sun, and Kurt said...."I guess we'll be making this a reg'lar deal, eh, dudes?" and as it turned out, Paul and Shue were lying on either ilegal porn bbs side of Kurt. So when he said that, he whomped both their bellies with the flat of his hands. "Uuuumphh!" the shocked boys both sounded. "Yahhhhhhhhhh!" the others cheered. Talk about cast in stone....right the quarry...on that stone floor....the fate of our young dudes was cast. Joey best bbs porn movies said, "Hey, man, le's get us up and out man....gettin' late, eh," as he went in search of his bbs ls magazine sample clothes. "Hey, yeh," they all offered, and started to scurry around looking for their stuff. Soon, all the kids, were in their boxers, shorts and sneaks, tees 'n socks in their backpacks. That is, except for Paul and Shuey, who were still walking around in circles, naked, and now standing together, staring at the others, slowly, getting the picture. Kurt threw his pack down at the naked boys' feet, and said, throw 'em yer packs guys, and as he said that, he reached behind him elwebbs magic pictures free and threw Paul's and Shue's packs at their feet, too. bbs cp kds toplist "Yer stuff's in yer packs, faggots. When we get to the road, can have yur own packs, and get dressed....maybe....yeh?" Smiles broke over all the other kids' faces. High fivin' ws bbs pictures teens ensued, all, that is, except Paul and Shue. If it hadn't sunk in to now....they knew they were in some real pretteen bbs info kind of permanent torment here. Kurt motioned for them to pick beauty angels bbs up all the packs, and sex movies bbs get walking barefoot and naked out front, up the trail. From behind, the kids were yukkin' it up and funnin' about jpg bbs gallery what they were going to do to Paul and Shuey the next day, and on and on, and how inviting their butts looked "waggin' out front there." Kurt snagged a long spindly branch from a tree as they walked. Stripping it down, he pulled the tip apart to make a spray of about 5 tiny spines at the end. Slashing it around him at first like a swordsman, he at once caught Shuey's which point the kid darkbbs forum yelped and bbs ukrainian skipped him a barefoot two-step ahead, and gave a pained and angry look behind....first at the 'whip' and then its wielder. bbs dark portal The other kids all laughed and funned at Shuey 'dancin'. "Yeh, Kurt....make 'em dance like the gunslingers in the ol' shoot'emup flicks," they egged on. Kurt was not hearing it though, for he'd caught the stare Shue gave him, and then really waled Shuey on the back bbs model link of his thigh. "Eeeyowwwww!" he screamed. Kurt smiled. The others turned to look at Kurt as they walked on, to see where this was leading. Just then Kurt pulled back bbs portal teen and popped Paulie and Shuey in their heels with one swipe. The next several minutes were pure torture for the naked waifs. They ended up 'dancin' the whole way to trail's end by the road. Both boys' heels, achilles and lower legs were 'striped' and 'criss-crossed' accompanied by an angry, red kds bbs top glow. All the kids moved up smartly and grabbed their own backpacks from porn 14yo bbs Paul and Shue, and stood waiting to see what Kurt was going to do. When the kids opened their packs, all that was in 'em was a pair of boxers each. The kids' faces shot bbs mpegs up in pain to look for mercy from Kurt who said, "Put 'em on quick suckholes, 'er I won't let you wear anything home." In a flash the kids scampered their tails into the only clothes they were allowed....Shuey in a pair of green plaid A&F boxers...Paul had a pair of red polka dot Hanes' like in that Jordan commercial, back when. For most of the way home, all 7 kids walked the same route, so with all of 'em together it wasn't such a rough route for the ones in their underwear. Spread abreast they walked spanning from the sidewalk out into the roadway, with the barefoot dudes on the road for maximum humiliation. Soon with little made of it, the kids broke off on the streets to their own houses....Jerry and Joey were first at opposite ends of the same block yelling their 'See ya's' and 'Laters'. Then as they reached Kurt's block, he stopped Paul and Shue and made them kneel down on the sidewalk. He gave them five back and forth butt swipes with the 'whip', turned and left with a wave to the others, sauntering down the street, slashing gay picture bbs his 'whip' continually, in the air. Paul and Shue got back up, and they walked on with Mark and Scott, who took the next turnoff. Paul and Shuey were left standing at their corner, watching the last of Mark and Scott, in their skivvies, with empty backpacks. Dumbly, they both looked back into their packs as if by some magic, their clothes would have reappeared. Shaking their heads, they made their way, walking tall and proudly up the road and to home, hoping they could sneak in one of their houses unnoticed and get themselves some clothes, so the other could walk home unshamed. bbs free pretty rusas bbs Mark was sort of weirded out elwebbs child by the afternoon, in spite of all the fun he had....Scott, too. As they headed down toward home, they agreed to hook back up after dinner, hang out and go over it all. Later, slappin' and bbs japan grabbin' hands as they met up in the early evening, they really didn't stop and sit sweet cindy forum bbs or go to one or the other's house, but just meandered down the street to the main road again. Mark was the first to suggest they do something in the midst pedo bbs preetenn of rehashing the afternoon's suck and fuck fest. They didn't understand the feeling, but it was bugging them that they had taken down 2 lifelong buds that afternoon...and there was no taking it all back...and it wouldn't be all that certain to them if they would want tiny angel bbs jpg to anyway. They really had themselves a time that afternoon....the time of their lives you might say. And they even talked about how Paul and Shuey sorta, 'needed it' after they got into it...and "who woulda thunk it?" Anyways, kids girls bbs aimlessly they found themselves on Kurt's street and nearing his house. Unconsciously, it looked like youngest girl bbs they wanted to talk to Kurt, who was their de facto leader of the buds, and really find out, first, what happened that day...and second, where do they go from here? Kurt was always seemingly more 'grown up', was somewhat bigger in build than the others, definitely tougher, and the lead fell naturally to him. Mark had been captivated by Kurt's knowledge of sex things that afternoon....and an unknowing question lingered back of nude cgi bbs his mind, that Kurt knew things about sex....with boys....too. They always funned about gettin' blowjobs, and wondering about sex in general. But none of them had ever bragged about about getting laid. But Mark sure watched every little thing Kurt did that afternoon. He was so sure of what to do, and what he was doing, and how and all. Where'd he get this from? And hows'a come they never talked about it in all these years. Scott actually voiced the questions as they started up Kurt's drive. It looked like Kurt might be alone or maybe out with his parents since the only russian bbs nudes car in the drive belonged to Kurt's older brother. Suddenly, "Swallow it you little fuck, and be quick about asian teen bbs it.... you got a whole mess 'a cock to serve tonight!" Scott and Mark, grabbed at each other with the roar of orders, the tone of which made their skin crawl. It was coming from the basement. The kids pointed, and then got to both sides of the small closed window below them, on their hands and knees, to see what they could see. They couldn't lilitas bbs see faces, or bbs nude children upper bodies, but sandra teen bbs there was Kurt on his knees, no mistakin' that! His elwebbs bbs bbs face was being pulled into the crotch of one of the guys standing....whose pants were opened at the fly and pulled down on his thighs. Two bbs beach teen other guys' pants were opened similarly, with hard standing peters being massaged in wait, apparently for Kurt's mouth. The voice giving the orders was probably that of Kurt's big brother John, Mark seemed to recognize it. And it had to be him bbs pedo ilegal that Kurt had his face stuffed with right then. It was clear Kurt was struggling, and unless his brother had a 3 inch cock, the way Kurt was planted in his pubes, a few inches of John's meat was down his throat. Kurt was soundlessly kds sex top bbs squirming, and had the kid's pants legs clenched tightly in his hands. John's forbiden little youngs bbs big hands were relentlessly pulling Kurt's head hard to him. The other guys had now moved up to both sides of Kurt's face and were prick whipping his cheeks...... Whewwww! What the fuck is this?Please write and tell me if you like my story. Send comments to
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